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Chronic Care

  • → Chronic Care Management
  • → Compassionate Care Coordination
  • → Principal Care Management

Remote Patient Monitoring

  • → Medication Therapy Monitoring
  • → Population Health Management
  • → Remote Patient Monitoring
  • → Patient Engagement

Medication Adherence
& Compliance

  • → Patients
  • → Mobile Application

How does our solution help support healthcare systems?

→ We help reduce the burden on hospitals

Care teams can proactively manage patients at home, through a virtual ward, rather than in a hospital setting, reducing unnecessary appointments and proving an insight into potential future demand.

→ We help you better manage capacity

Healthcare systems can better utilize their workforce by enhancing capacity, supporting clinicians who need to safely manage larger cohorts of patients compared to telephone-only follow-ups.

→ We can help you triage patients efficiently

Care continuity and clinicians prioritize care based on early identification of patient deterioration, reducing unnecessary complications, A&E visits and outpatient appointments.

20,000+ patients served

200,000+ interactions

200+ practices

Sargas International has developed a proprietary Chronic Care Management Cloud® platform (CCM), Drug Adherence®, Medication Therapy Monitoring® (MTM), and Mobile Oncology Medicaton Therapy Monitoring® technologies to keep physicians and patients engaged from the time a treatment is initated through the entire treatment process. This team approach to treatment management not only enables patients to reap maximum benefits and achieve the best outcomes, but also, reduces costs to the healthcare system. The HIPAA Compliant and certified SPAC Chronic Care Management Physician, Patient and Pharmacy Portals® allow for real-tme, critcal patient health information exchange among various providers. The interoperability within our Remote Physiologic Patent Monitoring (RPM), Medication Therapy Monitoring ® and Chronic Care Management Cloud® (CCM) Platforms help us achieve the Triple Aim in Healthcare by improving the patient experience, improving the health of populatons, and reducing the per capita cost

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“It’s easy to recognize the value this additional layer of care provides our patients. However, the additional time and expense of staffing, hiring, training, retraining, management, documentation, and supervision of this program would be difficult to provide without a reliable partner like SPAC. They have been easy to work with, incredibly supportive, and a great resource while we implemented the program.” Austin, Office Manager SJVPMG, Inc.
“Living with a complicated & unpredictable systemic auto immune disease; several other chronic health issues, it truly takes a special Health Professional & “Care Team” to manage my health so I can live a “quality of life”. When Dr. Diane Brzezinski suggested I add SPAC International to my regimen for continued monitoring, I was on board. I have had nothing but great results. Alexis’s continued follow up, concern and compassion for my health while going above and beyond to make sure my health and communication with my doctor is always up to date and makes life easier especially when the unexpected sickness arises. I truly appreciate having such a wonderful service available it forces me to monitor my sometimes lack of what I should be watching. Thank u Alexis (SPAC Patient Services) for being there” D. Dumas , CCM and RPM patient
D. Dumas , CCM and RPM patient

did you know?

The World Health Organization has identified non-adherence as a major health problem. An estimated 50% of those for whom medicines are prescribed do not take them as advised.

Non-compliance skews the data on prescription products, making them seamless effective than they actually are. Pharmaceutical companies need a targeted initiative based on a clear needs assessment and thorough analysis to avoid this pitfall.

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